Rendering Bacon Fat

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A guide for how to render bacon fat for use in cooking.

Though most packages of Chinese bacon recommend steaming the bacon, I find that doing so renders the fat but doesn’t soften the meat enough. To soak meat, simply

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Step by step instructions on how to render your own lard at home and make crispy lardons as an added bonus!

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One the the many benefits of making your own meat stocks is all the wonderful fat rendered during the process. A lot of people make the mistake of discarding the fat

How to Render Lard: rendering lard may seem a difficult task – a lost art, but learning how to render fresh, pastured lard is simple using the stove top method.

If you can make mayonnaise out of egg yolks and oil, why not make mayonnaise out of egg yolks and rendered fat? Introducing meatonnaises: mayos made with beef

All it means is to cook your bacon slowly over low or medium heat, so that all the fat has a chance to melt while the meat crisps. To render bacon. get a cast iron or

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Rendering and using lard has gone by the way side as our fat obsessed culture has taken reluctance to using it in fear of high cholesterol and blocked arteries.

If butchering yourself, find leaf fat in a big mass around neys-it has a cellophane-ish coating on it and feels kind of waxy; Remove from carcass and put in

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Home-Cured Bacon. The title of this recipe is a slight misnomer. Our process described below does not actually cure the bacon. Cured bacon is marinated or seasoned

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