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Week 21 marks a slight slowing of the growth process. The fetus continues to grow, but more attention is paid to internal organs and development than weight gain.

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Expecting triplets and raking your head for Triplet baby names? Don’t fret! Choose the perfect set of names that are simply adorable and triple your joy.

Oct 12, 2011 · Triplet Belly Pictures If you would like to see the Triplets a video of their first year of life is here:

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I’ve heard the average for triplets is 32 to 33 weeks, but of course everyone is different! I’m 29 weeks pregnant with triplets and my doctor wants me to deliver at

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Help for couples expecting Triplets plus learn about our triplets.

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Complications can occur in any pregnancy but multiples pregnancy increases the possibility of complications. For example preterm labor or low birth weight.

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Why Am I a Twin or Triplet? Even though the exact reason for multiple births is not known, doctors and researchers have identified several reasons why they probably

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